4 Ingredient Avocado Face Mask

4 Ingredient Avocado Face Mask

I have been on a mission to resolve what I think is rosacea on my cheeks. Because of this, I have been on the lookout for new things to try for facial skin care.

Recently I saw an idea to use avocado as the base for a skin mask…. how easy is that?!?! Avocado is very accessible in the food store (sorry… get used to it, my family says food store, not grocery store… hubby calls me out on this ALL THE TIME!) AND avocado is very affordable, usually $1 or less each when they’re on sale!

The other ingredients for this mask include honey, apple cider vinegar, and lemon essential oil.

So why these ingredients? I wanted a mask that would provide some AMAZING skin benefits yet be gentle and moisturizing NOT drying in the least. Here’s a run down of the benefits of each ingredient.




You will quickly see why this is the base of this recipe!

1. Avocado moisturizes and nourishes skin because it contains vitamins A and E. Both of these vitamins have antioxidant properties and help repair damaged skin. By using an avocado skin mask your skin will be moisturized to a deeper layer than lotion masks because the avocado can penetrate deeper.
2. Anti-Aging benefits! Isn’t that what all of us ladies want to hear? Avocado contains vitamin A which is a form of retinol. The avocado in the mask also help that skin fight external agents that would lead to dark spots and discoloration.
3. Deep Clean with gentle methods. Avocado uses the power of retinol, amino acids, and glutamine to provide a deep clean to your skin. They do this much gentler than traditional chemical peels so you won’t see the harsh red marks, irritation, and peeling associated with traditional methods.



After reading about the 8 benefits of using honey on skin, it was a no brainer to include this in my face mask recipe! Wait until you read on about how honey really packs a punch! Its benefits include:

1. Anti-acne
2. Anti-aging
3. Exfoliating
4. Antiseptic
5. Anti-viral
6. Anti-fungal
7. Moisturizing
8. Skin Repairing


Apple Cider Vinegar

You wouldn’t think that vinegar would work cohesively in a face mask…. think again! Apple Cider Vinegar is an agent that will help brighten your skin. Also, because Apple Cider Vinegar has a pH similar to that of skin, it helps restore and balance your skin’s pH: this is KEY for healthy, beautiful skin. Finally, this vinegar will also help soothe irritated skin.


Lemon Essential Oil

The essential oil from the Lemon comes from the skin and rind of the lemon not the juice so it is important to note that when looking up benefits of Lemon essential oil. The key beneficial component of Lemon essential oil is limonene. Limonene has impressive skin repair properties and it also acts as an ‘enhancer’ to other molecules. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties to it!



WOW!!! I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that any of the products I used on my skin were as beneficial as this recipe I developed. I am SO glad that I began this journey to health and wellness to rid the toxins from our products. It’s so reassuring that this recipe alongside all of the other products that we are now using are only beneficial to our bodies, NOT potentially harmful!



Drumroll please………… below is the recipe for the skin mask that we just deconstructed.


1 Avocado
3T Honey – cleansing
2T Apple Cider Vinegar – brightens skin
1 Drop Lemon Essential Oil


Mash all ingredients together until smooth. Apply to face and let sit. Then wash off and your skin will feel nourished and clean!



Enjoy! Please comment with questions… I’m here to help you. Post your avocado mask pictures on social media and please tag me so I see them @kristinszerszen.






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