How We Are Making Our First Attempt at Potty Training

How We Are Making Our First Attempt at Potty Training

Mommy… I have to go potty! It is very exciting to hear that phrase from our daughter. I’ll be honest, I am SO ready to ditch diapers. I’ve always encouraged our daughter to sit on the potty when I could tell she was unloading something in her diaper, but I never pushed the matter. I knew she would be ready for the potty in time and on her terms. I jumped for joy a little bit last week when she started showing major interest in using the potty, however I don’t think I was quite ready for what I was getting myself into. I had a great chat with a mom friend of mine, got some motivational things together, and we are now in the process of potty training! In hopes that it helps another parent out there, here are some things that will show you specifically how we are making our first attempt at potty training.



Potty Gear

Purchase some potty gear that will help entice your toddler to go sit on the potty and be excited about it! I let our daughter pick out a potty seat and step stool with her favorite characters on them! She chose a Bubble Guppies potty seat and matching step stool. Also, don’t forget to buy a hook to hang the potty seat on the side of your toilet tank. I’m also finding it useful to have a magazine rack or something to store books and things to keep her occupied on the potty.


Motivational Help

I started with a few material things to help as motivation to learn how to use the potty. First, I let our munchkin pick out some underwear. Second, as a reward for her hard work I ‘dangled a carrot’. She has been anxiously awaiting for the new Beauty and the Beast to be released on DVD, so I told her that once she puts all of her pee and poop in the potty then she will get the movie. How exciting! Finally, I made a potty chart to track her successes. I put together a custom chart with her name and favorite Belle and Beast image then left space for her to add a sticker for each successful potty trip.  🙂



If you are beginning the journey of potty training with your little one… good luck! For those seasoned parents who are pros at this… congrats and major props to you. I am learning that potty training takes a lot of patience.

To celebrate the beginning of our potty training journey, I am sharing a FREE download with you to help with potty training motivation for your munchkin. Check out the pop up window on my website for the FREE download! Enjoy!  🙂

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